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Replacement Conservatory Roofs for the Trade

We offer the trade superior-quality Replacement Conservatory Roofs and Tiled Conservatory Roofs to fit any conservatory.

We are one of Scotland’s largest Conservatory and Conservatory Roof manufacturers. We design and manufacture all kinds of conservatory roofs for a wide range of well-known glazing companies.

Our expertise is unparalleled in all aspects of conservatory roof engineering. We’ve been building roofs for over 30 years. No conservatory is too large or complex for us to design and build a new roof for it.

Polycarbonate Roofs
Our polycarbonate roofs offer excellent value for money. We offer 25mm polycarbonate or 35mm for additional thermal and sound insulation. They can be fitted to any conservatory.

Glass Conservatory Roofs
Glass Roofs offer better heat and sound insulation than polycarbonate as well offering style that many people prefer. Specifying modern self-cleaning glass will help the conservatory roof stay looking great all year round.

We use the latest high-performance double glazed glass which contains a micro-coating that enables it to reflect excessive heat from the sun anyway from the inside of the conservatory and also helps keep the heat in during the cold winter months. For even better thermal performance you can specify our outstanding triple glazing which also offers even better sound insulation, keeping the inside of the conservatory quiet during even the heaviest rain showers.

Lightweight Tiled Conservatory Roofs
We can fit our exclusive Lightweight Tiled Conservatory Roof to almost any conservatory. If you want to use your conservatory as an all-year-round room, the answer is to replace the glass or poly roof with a tiled and fully insulated one.

Not all tiled conservatory roofs are equal though. It’s incredibly important to properly ventilate the roof and it’s something that many roof companies do not do properly. We hear a lot of reports of people experiencing dampness in their tiled roof a year or two after it’s been installed. This is always due to a poorly designed ventilation system and it’s not easy or cheap to fix.

Our system does not have these issues as it’s been designed by experts. It’s easy to install, taking only 2 or 3 days from start to finish. Packed with installation it’s much more thermally efficient and turns the conservatory into a true all-year-round room. You can specify opening roof lights too and our prices are extremely competitive.

We can supply new conservatory roofs in 7-10 days.

You will not get a better deal on a conservatory. Contact us now for more information.

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