What Our Customers Say...

Basically we get a better deal at Cash and Carry than we get anywhere else and that's been the case for the last five years. Brilliant prices and some of the best products on the market. We hardly ever get quotes from other firms any more as Cash and Carry were always the cheapest. Friendly too.
Craig Smith, Drummond Brown Builders

We've been dealing with Cash and Carry for years. The quality is outstanding and nobody else gets close to the prices they quote. The most important thing though is that we can rely on them. If they says something will be delivered on Thursday we know that it will be. And it will be exactly as ordered with no messing about.
Allan Campbell, Drumsynie Construction

Cash and Carry always stock the best gear. We mainly use Rehau Edge window and think it's one of the best products we've ever used. Customers love it, it's really energy efficient and the price is great.
Thomas Paterson, Osbourne Construction

You always get great service at Cash and Carry. They really know their stuff and everything is always correct and on time. First class.
Steven Coyle, CGS Glazing

The new conservatories are brilliant. The easiest to build conservatory on the market without a doubt, meaning we don't spend anywhere near as long building them. Less labour means a much better deal for our customers as well.
Chris Campbell, Trust Services